Thursday, February 4, 2010

Well Played, Poster: Audrey The Trainwreck

As posters for faux-indie movies get progressively worse and worse, filled with the same reoccurring motifs and lacking anything even resembling the rebellious independent spirit of the '90s, it has come back to actual indie films to pull up the slack. I've said before that sometimes the very best thing an indie film can do is NOT spend copious amounts of money hiring some professional key art designer who is only going to give your movie a poster that everyone has already seen time and time again and that getting your friend with the nifty gadgets can be the best way to go.

I'm not sure who or how this poster for the SXSW-screening Audrey The Trainwreck was done, but it's a doozy nonetheless.

Sure, it sorta feels like an alternate poster for some sort of serial killer Hollywood movie, but it's still better than poster designs that pop up these days.

Via @theauteursdaily on Twitter.


ozbloggers said...

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RC said...

I agree...a poster like that is intriguing and catches the's not "cheapened" by looking like everything else.

Good find.

Simon said...

Hm. Where'd you hear of this?

Glenn Dunks said...

Simon, The Auteurs on Twitter.