Sunday, February 7, 2010


To prepare for the movie, Susan May Pratt went to the tanning salon...

The movie in question is Open Water 2: Adrift, or simply Adrift here in Australia, a movie that has absolutely no connection whatsoever to the original Open Water (it was actually written before that movie) apart from the whole people-being-stranded-in-water scenario. That quote up the top is from the movie's IMDb profile and basically tells you how deep the movie is. Adrift is wading in the rockpools if you want to use a water/ocean pun.

Now, don't get me wrong, Open Water 2: Adrift is better than the original in that it's only truly boring for the last half an hour or so apart from the entire length of the film like the original. As can be said of so many films of this kind, it is so self-serious that there's almost no fun to be had here. Normally the audience should be have a great time watching these dopey characters do dopey things as they get picked off one-by-one. Alas, there aren't even any sharks in this movie (I KNOW!) and most characters die from, wait for it, drowning and being too cold! Seriously, ripped off.

In fact, the best part of the movie is being able to watch Nicklaus Lange and Eric Dane walk around half naked. By film's end, however, even the underwater nudie shots were no fun and, instead, stupidity reigned. Get Susan May Pratt (aka the uptight dancer from Centre Stage!) back to the tanning salon stat. C-

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