Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Oscar Nominations: Then & Now

By now you've surely seen and thoroughly digested the nominations for the 82nd Academy Awards. I obviously have a lot of thoughts about it all, but not enough time to type them all out for you so I'd suggest you click on over to my Twitter feed and ream them there. There is a lot.

I thought, however, that I would see how I did in terms of my predictions then (my year-in-advance predictions and now (the predictions I made just hours before the announcement).

Out of the year-in-advance predictions my best category was Best Costume Design in which I correctly predicted four (and a half) out of five nominees! I even guessed Monique Prudhomme for The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (as well as that movie's Best Art Direction nomination) and Catherine Leterrier for Coco avant Chanel, movies that I don't think anybody else was predicting there. A year ago I correctly predicted Precious to get nominations for Lee Daniels, Mo'Nique and Damien Paul's screenplay, although I did not see it going all the way to Best Picture and beyond. I got 3/5 from Best Art Direction, Best Original Song and Best Animated Feature which I think is very good going. Everywhere else I did horrendously poor. Let's take a look. I'd also like to just point out that I wrote "I really want to be brave and predict Pixar's latest, Up, for Best Picture. Sort of as a culmination of the past two years of extensive buzz", so I was almost on the money.

Year-in-Advance: 1/5 (An Education)
Nomination Eve: 9/10 (Only missing The Blind Side in "favour" of Invictus)

Year-in-Advance: 1/5 (Lee Daniels, Precious: Based on the Novel "Push" by Sapphire)
Nomination Eve: 4/5 (I went out on a limb and went with Lone Scherfig instead of Daniels, which was very silly in retrospect. Still, I predicted him a year ago so I score points for that!)

Year-in-Advance: 1/5 (Morgan Freeman, omgmorganfreemanISnelsonmandela
Nomination Eve: 5/5 (Just like everybody else!)

Year-in-Advance: 1/5 (Carey Mulligan, An Education. To think I thought they might take a year off from their Meryl worship.)
Nomination Eve: 5/5 (Just like everybody else!)

Year-in-Advance: 1/5 (Matt Damon, Invictus)
Nomination Eve: 3.5/5 (I went on a limb for Stanley Tucci and just got disappointed. I had also swapped out Damon for An Education's Alfred Molina.)

Year-in-Advance: 2/5 (Mo'Nique and Cruz, Nine)
Nomination Eve: 3/5 (Monique and the two Up in the Air ladies. I don't really have anything to say in regards to Gyllenhaal and Cruz getting in over Cotillard and Kruger. Those two spots were up for grabs!)

Year-in-Advance: 1/5 (Up)
Nomination Eve: 4/5 (Only missing The Messenger, for which I had predicted (500) Days of Summer. I'm not disappointed that The Messenger was nominated, but I am disappointed Summer wasn't. Yet again, Up was far from Pixar's finest and shouldn't be there.

Year-in-Advance: 1/5 (An Education)
Nomination Eve: 4/5 (Missing In the Loop in favour of Julie & Julia)

Year-in-Advance: 0/5
Nomination Eve: 4/5 (Missing Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince for the rather strange snubbing of Dion Beebe and Nine. The Oscar-career of Dion Beebe is so incredibly strange. Snubbing ALL of his best work. I'll never understand them, I guess.)

Year-in-Advance: 2/5 (Nine, Sherlock Holmes and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus)
Nomination Eve: 3/5 (Missing The Young Victoria, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and Nine for its decorated sets - although these ARE better decorated sets than John Myhre's precious musical nominations for Chicago and Dreamgirls. How did I do better a year ago than one day ago?!?

Year-in-Advance: 4.5/5 (I correctly predicted all the nominees, but got Sandy Powell for the wrong movie, incorrectly predicting The Tempest instead of The Young Victoria. I think that deserves a clap, yes?)
Nomination Eve: 4/5 (Incorrectly predicting An Education - that's a trend, isn't it? - instead of The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, which I figured was too tiny for them.)

Year-in-Advance: 0/5
Nomination Eve: 4/5 (Incorrectly putting Up in the Air's snappy editing in over the forceful Precious. I'm glad they did that because Precious is a TOUGH movie and yet it zips by. Good job editing branch!)

Year-in-Advance: 0/3
Nomination Eve: 1/3 (Missing Il Divo and The Young Victoria for The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and District 9. I can't say I'll miss District 9 here since I sorta never really got why the make-up was so good? It was one arm and a lot of dirt.)

Year-in-Advance: 1/3 (Avatar, duh)
Nomination Eve: 2/3 (I went with 2012 over Star Trek. I really don't like that movie so that's probably why I went against better logic.)

Year-in-Advance: 1.5 (I got Up and Alexandre Desplat, but I had him down for Cheri instead of Fantastic Mr Fox)
Nomination Eve: 3.5 (I missed The Hurt Locker - but then again, who didn't - and got, yet again, the wrong Alexandre Desplat score, thinking they'd go with the Frenchy musique of Coco avant Chanel over the animated twee of Fantastic Mr Fox.)

Year-in-Advance: 3/5 (I had Up and a second Nine tune in there)
Nomination Eve: 3/5 (Wrong movie to choose two nominees from since it was Princess and the Frog, not Nine. Didn't see Paris 36 coming, although I really should have since it's French and a musical (hello The Chorus!) but I thought the movie was truly god awful so... can I just say how happy I am that "Take it All" got nominated! I like "Cinema Italiano", unlike some others out there, but "Take it All" is obviously superior!

Year-in-Advance: 2/5 (Avatar and Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen)
Nomination Eve: 4/5 (Only missing Tranformers 2 - which I got around the wrong way with Sound Editing, gah - for District 9. Where did District 9 disappear to in the sound categories? The sound work was so good both here and in Sound Editing!)

Year-in-Advance: 3/5 (Correctly guessing Up, Coraline and Princess and the Frog)
Nomination Eve: 4/5 (Only missing The Secret of Kells, like everybody else, in favour of the crowd-pleasing popcorn antics of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. People are crowing about Kells getting in, but isn't that the sort of completely left field nomination that this category SHOULD be throwing up, instead of constantly nominating the glossy, shiny studio movies like Shark Tale and Surf's Up? While I would have preferred to have seen Mary and Max take the hardcore arthouse slot - and since Kells was in the same qualifying-run-only slot, it seems much more plausible now than it did yesterday - but The Secret of Kells is an ANNIE nominee for Best Film so it had support and is apparently quite good.

Year-in-Advance: 1/5 (I got France right. Rule of thumb: Always predict France that far in advance!)
Nomination Eve: 3/5 (I said I should have gone with Ajami, but what am I gonna do about it now? And perhaps the biggest disappointment of the nominations was the failure of Aussie instant-classic Samson & Delilah not making it into the final five. America will just never know. Although, maybe somebody can pick it up and release it and then next year it'll show up like City of God and knock everybody's socks off.

Hey, a man can dream...

How did you do?

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crossoverman said...

Um, just so you know, Lone Scherfig is a woman. Bet if you'd known that, you wouldn't have predicted her! The Academy nominating two women for Best Director in a single yeah? Wake me when that happens!