Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Hills Have Eyes

I don't post trailers very often because I figure you can see them at any number of places that scream at you about how awesome everything is even though they've actually just be pre-programmed to like anything with an explosion (what the hell is up with that terrible Iron Man 2 teaser?) I felt compelled to post this one because I hadn't seen anything about this movie until it was recently announced for the Berlin Film Festival and, well, it looks like a cracker!

The movie is Red Hill and stars a bunch of recognisable faces (for Aussies, anyway) and Ryan Kwanten, which should be enough to interest some people. Red Hill looks like a contemporary western with big overtones of No Country for Old Men. Being an Australian film means almost nobody will see it, and being an Australian western especially, but my ticket was just instantly purchased. Enjoy.

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R-Co said...

I don't know... The Proposition did a couple of million at a time when Oz films were not even close to performing where they should be. The last twelve months have shown a rebound quite remarkable, so there's every chance people will see it!

Plus, Ryan Kwanten is hot. That always helps.