Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fantasia's Here

Anybody following me on Twitter will be aware that I've been on a bit of a Fantasia kick this past week. You can thank her new single for doing that, since this "Even Angels" - from her as-yet-untitled third album - is a corker. It's like Beyonce's "Halo" but, ya know, better and it actually feels heartfelt instead of just being belted out. Can't wait for that new album to be released.

I've included that song below as well as 'Tasia performing at the Tony Awards. She's performing "I'm Here", the showstopper from the stage musical version of A Color Purple. It makes me instantly ready for the movie adaptation that is probably going to come out in 2012. She mightn't be able to act her way out of a paper bag (remember that terrible made-for-TV movie about her life?), but I'll be damned if she can't knock a track outta the park. Those final moments just blow me away.


RJ said...

I saw Kenita Miller in the role recently. I'd be fine with her doing the part instead.

Guy said...

The New York theatre critics seem to think she can act her way out of a paper bag and then some -- I think it was the snooty NYT guy who called hers the best Broadway debut in memory.

Anyway, I've been calling an Oscar nom for her in "The Color Purple" since that project was announced. I really want to be right about this.

(Imagine if she'd been cast instead of Jennifer Hudson in Dreamgirls, as was so nearly the case? She'd have been awesome AND she'd have the Oscar -- though any actress in that role would have.)

Glenn Dunks said...

But Guy, there's a difference with performing on stage and on camera. It can be hard to replicate the emotion she brings out in a live performance and who knows how talky they will make the adaptation. I guess it also depends on who the director will be. Better be someone who's good with actors.

TBH I don't think she would have worked as Effie at all.

Anonymous said...

Fantasia's televised biopic is no barometer for her acting skills. People can grow you know and with the proper coaching can indeed be effective and good. As is the case with Fantasia.

I am a huge fan of Fantasia but I must admit even though I enjoyed "Life is Not a Fairytale" it was not an acting coup for Fantasia. I was pleasantly surprised by Fantasia's acting abilities when I saw the "Color Purple." I actually saw it 1/2 dozen tiimes and each time Fantasia gave 150%. She is actually a good actress. If in fact she is given the role in the movie adaptation I have no doubt that she will knock it out of the park.

In my opinion it is unfair to make a judgement about her acting ability (in the play) if you have not seen her in the part. You can not make a fair comparison without seeing both sides. Additionally she was invited BACK to reprise her role in the show to more rave reviews and sold out shows.

The reviews for each city she has played in and while on broadway have been consistent; she has gotten rave reviews. Additionally, she won the "Theater World" Award for her time on Broadway. They don't just hand that out like candy. She had to work hard for that and was rewarded for her efforts.

Fantasia has grown as a singer, performer and yes, actress. I doubt that Ms. Oprah Winfrey would waste her time or money on someone she thought could not deliver. Fantasia delivers the goods every time.

Lisa said...

Mr. Dunks, I'm curious. You made the statement "She can't act her way out of a paper bag" referring to Fantasia. Have you actually seen her in the role of Celie in the "Color Purple." Just interested to know. It's usually easier to make a comparison when you've actually seen the person in the role. I'm just saying.

Also I agree with Guy on the fact that Fantasia would have been awesome as Effie. That part is/was so well written, anyone would have excelled. I thought Jennifer Hudson did a great job. Both she and Fantasia appear to be serious about their craft. Both women are excellent.

Oh and, you're right there is a difference between performing on stage and on camera. If Fantasia can evoke emotion from folks from a song (her performance on Oprah) and judging by her comedic timing and loveability on her reality show, I think she'll be just fine on screen. Besides that's where an acting coach and a good director come in. I have complete and total confidence in her abiity to translate all that emotion to the screen.