Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dear Diary: January

Yes, I am blatantly stealing this from The Film Experience, but I figure it's a good way of keeping things in order and making sure you guys have caught everything you should be catching if you don't visit for a few days at a time. I didn't get around to doing half of what I wanted to do - end of decade stuff - that I hope to do eventually, but here's a rundown of the major stuff from January.

04/01 - I started the year off by counting down the best and worst posters of 2009. Wonders such as Antichrist, Precious and Moon. Travesties such as The Jonas Brothers 3D Experience and I Can Do Bad All By Myself. What fun!

06/01 - Renee Zellweger's reproductive organs spoke to me today. No, seriously. They did.

08/01 - I got reacquainted with Bette Midler and oh what a joy it was. Miss Otis does not regret that. Miss Otis being me.

10/01 - I took a look forward to the Australian films of 2010. Hopefully we get a peek at all of them this year. This entry continues to be updated so don't feel shy about commenting on it or sending me through an email if news comes down the pipeline about a project.

11/01 - The first anthem of the decade arrived.

14/01 - I started my countdown of the 50 best posters of the decade today and also tried to get the word out about classic gay documentary Word is Out.

15/01 - I concluded my countdown of the 50 best posters of the decade.

16/01 - StinkyLulu's annual Supporting Actress Blogathon happened and I wrote about Mo'Nique in Precious: Based on the Novel "Push" by Sapphire. Don't you think that when she wins the Oscar she will immediately becoming one of the five greatest winners ever of that category? Alongside Kim Hunter, Rita Moreno, Ruth Gordon and Dianne Wiest.

19/01 - The first great posters of 2010 arrived today. Take a peek, they're good!

21/01 - I hypothesised a solution to the injury-plagued Best Foreign Language Film category.

22/01 - I listened in to some teenagers who, surely, accidentally walked into a screening of Nine. "Who's that Frenchy chick?" indeed.

23/01 - The poster for The Runaways premiered, and what a poster it is!

26/01 - Today was Australia Day (lamb!) and I celebrated by counting down the top 25 Aussie films of the decade. Amongst them were Lantana, Japanese Story, Ten Canoes and Australia.

27/01 - I revisited Paul Thomas Anderson's Magnolia and was very impressed.

29/01 - I farewelled Miramax and thanked them for the memories of Scream, The Crying Game and Quentin Tarantino amongst others. I also reviewed The Room, aka the single greatest cinematic experience of my life, and wished Drag Me to Hell and Adventureland were actually made in the '80s instead of just pretending they were.

31/01 - I asked who is Candy Cane.

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