Sunday, February 21, 2010


The first DVD I ever owned was The Bone Collector. It was the free one that came with my first DVD player and it was actually the best of the three options they provided. While I had seen the movie at some point on VHS, I have never actually sat down and watched it on DVD. The very first DVD I ever owned and never even been watched, seems a little bit sad actually. I changed that last night, however, when I had one of those strange desires that wash over everyone every once in a while. I even watched it after Sunday night's episode of Bones to just give the night a theme.

The movie doesn't exactly cry out for extensive discussion, although it did make me think about several things. Such as Queen Latifah and how this was the first thing I had ever seen her in and was so surprised. Latifah can be so good when she makes movies that aren't loud, crass and broad. Angelina Jolie, too, had such a different presence "back in the day" and I miss it. She was so electric and captivating even in typical genre fare such as this. I also find it interesting to note that The Bone Collector was directed by Phillip Noyce and the similarly well-done adult thriller Double Jeopardy was directed by Bruce Beresford. Something about those solid, workmanlike Aussie directors seems to work well with this type of film. Who knew? This movie is formulaic and everyone watching knows where it's going, but sometimes that is all you want from a movie, you know?

The best bit of The Bone Collector, however? Most definitely Bobby Cannavale sans clothes. Angie's character is clearly deranged to dump this guy after one scene!

Yes, thank you.

And if you must know, the second DVD I owned was Sleepy Hollow. I have most definitely watched that since then.

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David said...

The movie's fairly ordinary, but there's a great director's commentary. Phil Noyce delivers a tutorial on how to direct movies - much more interesting than the usual trivia.