Thursday, February 4, 2010

20 19 Degrees of Separation: Oscar's Best Actors

Oh the joys of having spare time on one's hands, yes? I thought it'd be a hoot to try and connect all 20 of Oscar's favourite actors. It worked surprisingly well although I had to do a bit of cheating when it came to Jeremy Renner. Unfortunately, there was one person who did not fit into this mathamatic equation at all: Christoph Waltz. Working all those years on movies from, ya know, Europe certainly made things tough for ME and I eventually gave up.

Christoph Waltz has worked with an Oscar winner/nominee or two (Catherine Zeta Jones, Omar Sharif, Brad Pitt) and, hey, not many Oscar nominees can claim to have worked with Craig McLachlan, least of Oscar nominees from Austria, but unfortunately he did not actor in this little experiment in the end.

Carey Mulligan
who was in When Did You Last See Your Father? with
Colin Firth
who was in Mamma Mia! with
Meryl Streep
who was in Julie & Julia with
Stanley Tucci
who was in The Lucky Number Slevin with
Morgan Freeman
who was in The Dark Knight with
Maggie Gyllenhaal
who was in Crazy Heart with
Jeff Bridges
who was in The Men Who Stare at Goats with
George Clooney
who was in Up in the Air with
Anna Kendrick
who was in Up in the Air with
Vera Farmiga
who was in The Departed with
Matt Damon
who was in All the Pretty Horses with
Penélope Cruz
who was in The Hi-Lo Country with
Woody Harrelson
who was in North Country with
Jeremy Renner
who was in an episode of The Net, based on the movie with
Sandra Bullock
who was in The Prince of Egypt with
Helen Mirren
who was in Shadowboxer with
who was in Precious: Based on the Novel "Push" by Sapphire with
Gabourey Sidibe


Isn't life FUN?!


Simon said...

I'm a very picky person, so therefore, you can't count three people connected by the same movie in a row. Especially when they were all nominated for the same movie. It's too easy.

Glenn Dunks said...

Have you seen Anna Kendrick's resume. Twilight and Camp aren't exactly overflowing with Oscar nominees!

seanisbored said...

Love it.

seanisbored said...

Love it.

RC said...

Totally impressed!!!!

@ Glen, I agree Anna Kendrick and Gabuerey would have had to been excluded if they didn't have co-stars of their Oscar nominated roles along with them.

Nice job connected Jeremy Reneer.