Friday, January 22, 2010

Well Played, Poster: The Runaways

Those of you who have read this blog for a while and have paid close attention to my writings on film posters will be aware that I like almost nothing more than a poster that just gives something unique. If your poster is made up on stripes or big empty white space, movie stills or giant floating heads, then you're not doing anything to stand out from the crowd. Take something from the film and make a unique design out of it and you'll be well on your way. Many of the best posters from the last decade did just that; making designs out of horses, cookies, sexual abuse, strippers, melting waxworks and pussycats. Already in 2010 we've seen it happen a few times and now comes the newly released poster for The Runaways, the film about the band made famous by their hit song "Cherry Bomb".

And voila! Instant recognition to those in the know and even if you don't know what "Cherry Bomb" and The Runaways are surely this design will get your attention anyway. Is it really so hard, designers? I shudder at the thought at all the people getting paid good money to slap a film still in a strip with mixed up cast listings done in Arial font. Ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!

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Mr Trivia said...

Agreed, a terrific poster - considering all the obvious ways that could have sold a Runaways flick this image is clever and intriguing. Biopics are hard to pull off, but as a Joan Jett fan I've got my fingers crossed for this one.