Saturday, January 9, 2010


(Dannii Minogue reference for the win!)

As you read this today on 9 January 2010, James Cameron's Avatar has managed to pass $57.6mil at the local box office. As of Wednesday night it had $54.9mil and by Friday it had added enough to fly up to $58.8mil. Sounds impressive, yes? Because it is.

What's the big deal about $57.6mil you ask? Well, that is the figure that Cameron's Titanic made in 1997/98 to become the highest grossing film of all time here in Australia. So, yes ladies and gentlemen, Avatar is now the highest grossing film of all time in Australia. Pop the sparkling wine and bring out the plate of cabana and cheese on Ritz bickies, I guess.

Obviously the film has quite a while to go and could even reach a truly astonishing $75mil+ (not really out of the realm of possibility given how well it has been performing). To already be the highest grossing film of all time after a measly four weeks is astounding. To perhaps beat the record by a third or more is just phenomenal.

Now, of course you can choose to be one of those finger-wagging neck-wringers and go into a diatribe about "adjusted for inflation" figures or "tickets sold", but none of that would discount the fact that somehow with ticket prices as exorbitantly high as they are, that Avatar has broken the record in speed reminiscent of Usain Bolt. Yes, more people saw Titanic in its day, but Avatar has MADE MORE MONEY and in 2010, more than ever, that is what is key. Not how many tickets were sold, how many were in 3D, how many were on discount days, not useless comparisons to ticket prices over 10, 20, 50 years ago. None of it.

Congratulations to Fox and Cameron for felling a record that many expected to last a little bit longer. But, hey, at least we weren't like the UK where Titanic was beaten by, of all things, Mamma Mia! Thank heavens for small mercies. [src]


adam k. said...

Congratulations, Avatar!

I do still love Titanic more, though, I must say. Nothing in Avatar beats the scene where Rose jumps back on the boat and runs to Jack, propelled by James Horner's score (far, far superior to Avatar's score, btw).

And I have special memories of being 14 and thinking I looked like Leonardo DiCaprio and getting really excited when he drew Rose naked and then did it with her, especially since I was studying figure drawing at the time.


Avatar is fantastic, though. It's quickly developing that same "love it or hate it" fervor that Titanic bred in worldwide audiences... which I think means it'll enjoy a good, long run.

Runs Like A Gay said...

You just had to remind everyone that we brits went for Mamma Mia, didn't you?

I'd almost consider embargoing your site, if it wasn't true.

Do you think Avatar will be able to achieve that worldwide and end up as the number 1 of all time?

Glenn Dunks said...

Adam, I still think Titanic is a better film.

Runs, It has to make another $700mil to beat Titanic. That's what a lot of people though Avatar would make period. I don't know if it can do it, but it'll be fun to see it try!

Mickche said...

Glenn, i'm afraid i don't share you love of Titanic. I am still yet to judge Avatar.
But i was wondering where you obtained your boxoffice information. I only look up the weekend and week results on Urban Cinefile.

Glenn Dunks said...

Mickche, Urban Cinefile did an update when then numbers came in for Friday. See the link at the end of my piece.