Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mice on DVD

Egads! Sometimes things just completely slip by me!

Such is the case with the DVD release of Matthew Newton's Three Blind Mice. It is my favourite movie of the year and I would've thought I'd see it mentioned somewhere as being released on DVD, alas I missed it. Nevertheless, I am aware now and I can only implore any Australian readers out there to go and rent it from their video stores or from your online DVD retailer. It's comforting to see the movie has a "Long Wait" status on Quickflix! Please! It needs to be seen.

Let's just not talk about that DVD artwork, shall we?


Paul Martin said...

I second the recommendation. Of course, like you Glenn, I saw the film last year though it was released this year. It was my favourite local film of last year but it's no.2 for this year, behind Samson & Delilah. It's a quality and style we don't see very often.

par3182 said...

maybe "long wait" means they only have one dvd in circulation..?

debbie downer.

Douglas Racso said...

what?! not "samson and delilah"? hehehe

Glenn Dunks said...

Par, i did think of that I and I chose to leave it.