Thursday, January 7, 2010

Margaret Pomeranz Laughs at Virgins

And she's also a little bit homophobic too if this COMPLETELY 100% REAL clip is any indication. Thanks to DefamerAU for bringing this to my attention.

That's very much LOL-worthy if you ask me. MargPom always seems to be up for a ribald laugh and this is precious. Love the "VIRGIN ALERT!" moment. I like that this clip perfectly mocks JJJ while also advertising it. "Bloody Beetroots", anyone? Y'all should follow Tom Ballard on Twitter (@TomCBallard, too, as he is sometimes "quite funny". Yes yes.

I love Margaret Pomeranz.


R-Co said...

I've always wanted to marry Margaret, and this just makes me want to even more.

crossoverman said...