Friday, January 15, 2010

From Original to Dull In One Easy Step

I am blatantly stealing this from InContention, but since I named it the best poster of 2009 and sort of feel responsible for the poster being out there in the first place I feel I should mention this.

See, Jeremy Saunders' poster for Lars Von Trier's Antichrist is literally something to marvel at. It's a stunner.

Perhaps realising this, but not having the balls (or the cash) to use this Australian piece of marketing for the UK DVD release they have done the next best easier, cheaper option and used this.

It seemed obvious to me from the moment I heard of the... scissor sequence (to put it mildly) that it should be the focal point of the marketing campaign since you gotta sell what ya got and what Antichrist has is infamy around one scene so why not utilise that. Of course, a pair of rusty ol' scissors is perfectly acceptable, but when you've seen Saunders' poster it's kinda hard to step down.


adam k. said...

Why does no one talk about the OTHER scene?? (you know if you've seen in which one I mean; I'm trying not to spoil anything)

I thought it was just as bad. I guess because I'm not a woman? Sigh.

J.D. said...

Now that's just trashy.