Monday, January 11, 2010

Cilmi's on a Mission

Isn't it great to watch everything just come together for somebody? Take Gabriella Cilmi for instance. As the past decade ended she had had one massive single that not many people even seem to like ("Sweet About Me"), a second single that flopped despite being excellent ("Don't Wanna Go to Bed Now") and a couple of others that flounded about causing nobody any real hard, but no excitement either ("Save the Lies", "Sactuary"). The album, Lessons to be Learned, did respectable sales, but hardly anything compared to those for the single that lead it.

People had hopped off the train (if they were ever on) and she had been downgraded to not much more than a bogan with a thick accent who just happened to luckily come across some songs that would get her attention. 2009 ended and I honestly didn't expect to be hearing from her for quite a while until she came along with a "comeback" song that flopped and then she'd be gone.

No so.

Turns out Gabriella Cilmi decided to hit one outta the park and deliver the decade's first truly anthemic song. Say hello to "On a Mission". It starts off sounding like a game of Sonic the Hedgehog when he's bopping up and down waiting for the player to move him. It turn throws in some crazy keyboards that are so 1980s it's like listening to a Starship album. And then it gets a bit new wavey and then the chorus starts with its screaming and its "whoa-oh ooooh"s and some karaoke beats. Throw in some great vocals from Cilmi - thankfully turning down the crazy duck lady thing that she's had for a while - and a middle eight about magical prostitutes, pussycats and acid trips all set to a slight "Mickey"-style marching band sound. It's all incredibly amazing.

And then there's the video. She wears a space suit and then she doesn't. She does some dancing pretty dresses and then she jumps around the set of Tron before joining a shampoo commercial and then rockets fire up and nuclear bombs get detonated before she jumps around in shallow water. I think there's even some anime in there for good measure. Oh, and she briefly wears a cape. A CAPE!

I can honestly say I did not expect any of this. So, I guess, that's a big "well done" to Ms Cilmi. Now, here's hoping the new album can be just as good. I stole the video from Adem with an E, who also did a write-up on this exciting development.


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