Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Arnold Gets High

Andrea Arnold has proven to be one of the past decades biggest newcomers. She won an Oscar for her short Wasp and directed two quite stunning features; the urban-horrors of Red Road and Fish Tank. Now comes news that Arnold has chosen to direct something I wouldn't have expected from her with an adaptation of Wuthering Heights

Arnold's decision to board the project, which has been developed with the support of Film4 and Tessa Ross, will likely give it the impetus to go into production by spring. The helmer has emerged as one of Blighty's most acclaimed young auteurs following her first two features, "Red Road" and "Fish Tank."

Arnold, who previously has written and directed only material she's written, will direct Olivia Hetreed's adaptation of Bronte's novel and will emphasize the youthful, teenage aspect of the protagonists in the original source material

Anything that allows Arnold's reach to extend beyond fans of British arthouse flicks starring women with common class faces is find by me I guess. Sometimes these unconventional choices can prove to be the best and Arnold's camera with its love of ominous clouds and empty estates could prove a winning formula with the moors of Wuthering Heights. Here's hoping the project finally comes about after all the directorial and casting hassles that the production has had.

Fish Tank, by the way, is out now in the US and will be out soon here in Australia. Definitely go and see it!


Alice said...

I saw FISH TANK last night (it blew me away) and will now be tracking down RED ROAD. I can only imagine what Arnold will do with WUTHERING HEIGHTS. Bring it on!

Glenn Dunks said...

Red Road shares a similar council-estate aesthetic, but acts as much more of an unconventional thriller. Make sure you turn the volume up REAL LOUD and it plays like a horror movie. I had my knees pulled up to my chest for almost the entire running time.