Wednesday, January 13, 2010


This clip has been making the rounds today. It is the acceptance speech by "Wes Anderson" the "he made" at the National Board of Review function, which was awarding him for his film Fantastic Mr Fox. I normally wouldn't think much of mentioning this, but I absolutely adored the film - it's top five of 2009 for me as of right now - and think that any chance to highlight the film and any excellent speeches that Anderson gives should be taken. Maybe Oscar voters will see this and think "I wonder what he would do at the Oscars if we gave him the prize instead of Up?" and then tick the box next to it (that is, of course, under the presumption that Fox will be nominated for Best Animated Feature).

I'd give anything to have Fantastic Mr Fox win that award over Up, I really would. Pretty please with a George Clooney on top?

And while we're speaking of acceptable acceptance speeches, I thought I'd throw in this one from Meryl Streep at the New York Film Critics Circle function where she was being feted for Julie & Julia. Her line-reading of "who sent me Midtown..." is absolutely GOLDEN! Thanks to InContention for putting it out there.

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