Wednesday, December 30, 2009

When Bad Posters Strike: I Love You, Phillip Morris

I feel a bit bad for this poster. It's a foreign poster (Russian, I assume) and, quite obviously, they haven't quite got the money to make anything decent. Still, that doesn't excuse Jim Carrey's head looking like one of those ancient voodoo shrunken heads on top of the body of an extra from Querelle, or Ewan McGregor looking like a Ken doll that even Barbie would reject. Honestly.

And yet all this just makes me want to experience this movie even more. It sounds and looks like a disaster in every conceivable way. The yellow! The costumes! The dogs! The belt buckle! THE BELT BUCKLE!

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Dame James said...

Holy Christ! When you call this bad, you aren't kidding. Seriously, why do they look so fucked up? I mean, Ewan isn't even recognizable and Jim Carrey looks like a 75 year old chain smoker. I think this is a special case where slapping a promo picture on a white background would be ideal; anything has to be better than this shit.