Monday, December 14, 2009

Warning: This Movie is Probably "Indie" and "Quirky"

This is a poster for a movie called According to Greta. The poster uses the time honoured tradition of quirky indie movies and has gone with a notepad hand-drawn motif so I can't help but assume that it is indeed quirky and indie. It's probably got "jokes that mask a hidden sadness" and "tells truths that we don't want to admit". etc.

It also stars Hilary Duff. Say wha...?

I like to imagine there is a scene where Ellen Burstyn slaps Hilary Duff to the tune of some twee guitar-strumming indie rock band.

Please note that I have no idea what this movie is and have never heard of it before and, thus, am making complete and utter assumptions about it and its quality. There's a very possibly chance that According to Greta is actually quite good, but I think we can all safely assume it will be no Raise Your Voice.


Joel said...

It actually came out on dvd a couple of weeks ago,going by the title of plain old 'Greta', and with a much more boring cover -

Scott Mendelson said...

Say what you will about Raise Your Voice, but that girl who played the electric violin was pretty cool. I've never seen such an instrument and that alone made the movie worth watching (for work, for which I was paid). My favorite 'oh crap, it's an idie' trailer is still The Go-Getter, which almost plays like a spoof of these kind of films.

FranklinBluth said...

I immediately thought of the 'Napoleon Dynamite' poster.

Mickche said...

Its a shame that they didn't even put Oscar-nominated Mellisa Leo's name on the poster.