Wednesday, December 9, 2009

This Week on Australian Screens

Cinema Releases for the Week 10/12/09

9 - Shane Acker's adaptation of his own Oscar-nominated short film actually came out yesterday (on the 9th, you see). 9 is a thoroughly enjoyable, but minor, animated action sci-fi adventure. There are some genuinely thrilling action sequences, it's just a shame that the end feels so lifeless (er, since the movie is about dolls and machines the whole thing is kinda "lifeless" in a literal way, isn't it?)

Away We Go - What better way to not turn people off with the foul marketing campaign than by not advertising it at all! Not sure where it is, but there must be some form of marketing out there somewhere, right? I sure haven't seen it (thankfully - I couldn't bare to look at that poster again). I like (in an ironic way) that Mendes went from a movie in which he cast two of the biggest stars in the world (DiCaprio and Winslet - first names not required, see) to a movie in which the two main cast members are virtually unknown to anyone outside of America or The Office fans (so, not many in Australia).

Planet 51 - I first saw the poster for this at Hoyts a year ago and it's only just getting a release now. How very strange.

Religulous - Not many people went to go see Andrew Denton's anti-religion documentary a few years back so I'm not sure why they'd go see this one with Bill Maher (a virtual non-entity here in Australia). Strangely, a few weeks ago I noticed that one of the cinemas in Geelong was screening Expelled: No Intelligence Required, which I found very odd. I hadn't even heard that it was being released here, let alone to alone to a suburban cinema in Geelong. Hmmm.

DVD Releases for the Week 10/12/09

Balibo - Great Aussie movie about the Balibo five. See it!

Cedar Boys - A really superb Aussie thriller from first-time director Serhat Caradee. If you're in Australia then please do see Cedar Boys. It's so good and didn't deserve the disastrous box office results it received.

Coraline - I am still kicking myself for not seeing this Henry Selick movie in cinemas. It was released at a really bad time (during MIFF plus illness and lack of money). It's out in 2D and 3D versions.

Terminator Salvation - LOL!

Blu-Ray of the Week: I haven't seen it, but if you're not going to see Black Narcissus on the big screen then you might as well give it a shot on Blu-Ray. I don't own a Blu-Ray so I can't watch it on Blu-Ray either. *grumblegrumble*


Joel said...

I have a friend who works at Hoyts, and said they got paid A LOT of money to have those Planet 51 posters up...

Also, Away We Go is one of my favourite films of 2009!

Paul Martin said...

Religulous had been on an unconfirmed release list for so long (about 18 months) that I presumed it wasn't coming.

simbo said...

Balibo is NOT a good movie. It's a perfect example of a movie telling the wrong story simply because the lead actor they have isn't suitable for the right story. A film called Balibo SHOULD be about the Balibo 5, but it ends up being about Roger East half the time simply because Anthony LaPaglia isn't suitable for the roles of any of the 5...