Friday, December 11, 2009

That's PHAT!

I received this email the other day. It was from Quickflix, Australia's answer to Netflix for all you international folk, and started with this:

Hi right back atcha! They're right though, I did return Happy Together, which I also recently blogged about. I then read on...

Hahah! That is amazing, yes? Yes!

Quite a change there, I must say. From Wong Kar-Wai's elegant gay love tragedy to a movie called Phat Girlz (with a Z, like Liza) starring a woman with an apostrophe in her name.

I received the latter disc in the mail today and am going to sit in bed tomorrow and watch it in all of its (presumed) stunning glory. I had a dream last night that Mo'Nique actually came charging through my bedroom wall just like she does on the poster (below) for Phat Girlz. Isn't that a frightening/amazing prospect?

Precious: Based on the Novel PUSH by Sapphire, meanwhile, will be released here in Australia on 4 February, but I get to see it next Tuesday! I am so freakin' excited y'all, I can't quite put it into blog words. Two Mo'Nique movies in such a short about of time? Yet, And as great as Precious looks, Mo'Nique doesn't become a model for a plus size fashion designer in it so advantage Phat Girlz in the Mo'Nique stakes.

Kidding aside, it will be deliriously bizarre to go from watching Lee Daniels' Shadowboxer recently as well as Phat Girlz to the movie that could make them Oscar nominees (or, in the case of Mo'Nique a bonafide Oscar winner). And you know what movie I'm seeing before Precious? Fantastic Mr Fox! Viva la Whiplash!


Mickche said...

Phat Girlz is absolutely horrible i must admit. But, better luck next time.

Paul Martin said...

I take it you didn't get to that screening of Precious, seeing as I didn't see you there. Or maybe you were concealed amongst all those Amnesty International members who attended. That Mo'nique sure can act, but I didn't enjoy the film at all. It does for bleak social drama what torture porn does for horror. It made me feel unwell.