Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Slave Boy

In his new movie Jamie Bell plays a slave.

In his new movie Jamie Bell plays a slave.

In his new movie JAMIE BELL PLAYS A SLAVE!

His "master"? Channing Tatum. Blegh. Nevertheless, Jamie Bell as a shirtless slave is something that I will pay good money to see, even if it means watching that waste of space that is Channing Tatum. I mean, I did with Jumper, so why not with this new The Eagle of the Ninth movie? The newly released stills (via) don't exactly give the movie much hope of being anything other than a collection of scenes involving Channing Tatum wearing a dirty breastplate and sporting bad facial hair while Jamie Bell wears, appropriately, not much else but pants.

Yes, I think that'll do.


J.D. said...


(I love Tatum, so this news is even better! :P)

ej2327 said...

Can't wait to see Jamie in this film ;)

adam k. said...


I'm not a fan of Tatum in general, but I AM a fan of looking at him shirtless, so I'm more than okay with this premise.

Jamie Bell seems to have been working out lately.

Glenn Dunks said...

Indeed he has, especially since this movie.

Anonymous said...

All right, I admit it- when I saw this pic I threw 2 years of teaching Roman History out the window and just went squeee!!
My Goodness I will sit though anything to see this! Even Tatum...