Thursday, December 3, 2009


Some notable titles that I missed from 2003 include The Barbarian Invasions, Osama, All the Real Girls, Bright Young Things, Touching the Voide, The Rage in Placid Lake ...and Kangaroo Jack, naturally.


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

You missed nothing with Kangaroo Jack. If you're read the reviews,it's worse!

I've always felt that Le Divorce has been ill treated by critics; not a perfect film by any stretch but it knows its audience and it's pleasant enough.

Paul Martin said...

I don't think you missed much with those titles, though I'd say Touching the Void is the pick of them. FWIW, I saw it on its release in London in January 2004. Same with Monster, which I saw in its opening week in the US also in January 2004. I presume you're using IMDb release dates, which I find meaningless when a film's release here could be 2 years different.

My favourites from your collage in no particular order are:
Monster, Lost in Translation, City of God, Kill Bill 1 and Gerry (released here 2005 I believe, long after the mid-2004 release of Elephant even though it was made before Elephant)

RC said...

Not a bad year in retrospect - what is too bad is that City of God failed to get a best picture had to be close.

Glenn Dunks said...

Paul, I'm going by the generally accepted release date (so not festival screenings - usually tends to be American/UK release). All these titles are considered 2003 releases.

If I went by Australian release dates I'd get hopelessly confused. The Gus Van Sant stuff was ridiculous though, wasn't it? I remember seeing Gerry, the film's very first screening at it's session at The Lumiere. I found it so strange that a two year release date discrepancy. I have since come to realise that it's not that strange at all, sadly.

Paul Martin said...

I didn't see those films at festivals; they were cinema releases in their respective countries of origin (Monster in the US and Touching the Void in the UK). IMDb is often wrong. Also, a film's year of production can be different to its year of release. IMDb is useful in general, but you're always going to get this kind of disparity when aligning a film with a year.

FWIW, I consider a film's year the year that it is released where I see it, which is normally in Australia.

Glenn Dunks said...

Monster was released late 2003 in America, Paul. Hence it was winning all the awards for Theron in late 2003 and early 2004 awards season.

I go by American release days, usually because it's just so much easier than having to explain.

Griff said...


What a great year 2003 was. Lost in Translation and City of God are both in my top 10 of all time. Thanks for the visual representation!

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