Tuesday, November 24, 2009

When Bad Posters Strike: Nine (& The Weinstein Corporation at Large)

Poor ol' Weinstein Company. They don't have much money in the coffers these days. It seems like they spent a whole swag of it on their Inglourious Basterds campaign and now have resorted to releasing fan posters to cinemas. The posters for John Hillcoat's The Road, which they are releasing in America this coming weekend, haven't exactly been all that good (I think I saw that exact same design on a direct-to-DVD movie recently) and their designs for Tom Ford's A Single Man leave a lot to be desired. A picture in a box surrounded by black? How inventive!

However, now they have gone and released a few posters for upcoming all-star musical Nine and they are... well, they're different, I'll give them that!

Firstly is this one. Clearly the worst of the bunch, wouldn't you say? I can accept photoshopping, but this is like Cher plastic surgery levels of photoshopping. It just doesn't look real. Or even fake-real for that matter. It's just... incredibly fake.

I'm not going to begrudge the paparazzi deciding to take photographs of Daniel Day-Lewis' crotch because, let's be honest here; if I Day-Lewis' groin shoved in my face I wouldn't bat it away. However, it's just that the whole thing looks so haphazardly assembled. Nothing, not even the actors faces, look real.

Another big problem I have is the font. It just looks so chunky and unappealing. It should be elegant and classy, shouldn't it? Especially once you get past the title and the credits are written in the same block font. Blegh! I do like the tagline, however.

Moving on to the second poster.

I don't have anything particularly bad to say about this poster, but... I dunno. It's not really anything, is it? I think it might have been better with a "Penelope is the Mistress" and "Fergie is the Whore" type of thing. I am assuming there will be a second one of these featuring Daniel Day-Lewis, Nicole Kidman and Marion Cotillard. Judi Dench of Sophia Loren seem to be getting pushed aside, don't they?

Which brings me to the third poster. At the same time it is the best of the three, and also the most disappointing.

I like the intent of this poster the most, but yet again it is let down by shoddy craftsmanship. I really like the idea of Guido's women appearing on a movie poster that he is walking past, but the "poster" within the poster is really poorly done in that it looks sparkling and brand new when everything around it is rustic and Old Italian.

What I do love about the poster, however, is the font. Isn't that a far more appealing font than the tough block font of the title? It's so much easier on the eyes, even the colours too. The plum red and the blues work much better than the lifeless red used on the top design.

Would it hurt them to use different cast photos though? It's just the exact same ones re-used over and over again!


Ben Rylan said...

The white poster looks early 90s, like Pretty Woman or Prêt-à-Porter type era. Oh no. No no no.

I am desperately awaiting A Single Man though, despite the blah poster. The film sounds magnificent, and my obsession for Tom Ford just gets bigger.

RC said...

i'm surprised you haven't posted that new poster for The Road that looks like it's a Rolling Stone cover.