Wednesday, November 11, 2009

James Franco's "Canvas of Murder!"

I've swiped this clip from Low Resolution and it's amazing. James Franco has one of the more fascinating careers at the moment, I must say. Whether it's appearing in queer cinema (Milk, Howl), to making bizarre uncredited appearances (Nights in Rodanthe) while also appearing in big budget blockbusters like the Spider-Man franchise and Pineapple Express. If I had my say he would have been a duel Oscar nominee last year (Best Actor for Pineapple Express and Best Supporting Actor for Milk).

Now, however, he's trumped even his own oddness by making a guest appearance on TV soap opera General Hospital. I don't watch the show, nor have I done so since I was about 5 and spent sick days at home watching soaps with my mother. I wasn't aware that the series was so dark these days. I remember palm trees and blue skies (so, perhaps, I'm remember the wrong show) more in line with The Bold and the Beautiful, but set in a hospital instead of the ruthless cut-throat world of fashion design. Watch him below in a GH promo clip. It boggles the mind!

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Dianna said...

James seems to do a lot of projects that even his manager doesn't support. But it IS his career. He DOES show up in many different places. It's like he's in EVERYTHING! But millions of women EVERYWHERE are happy about it! (I'm one of 'em!)