Sunday, November 29, 2009

As Blasko Follows Mitchell and Miller-Heidke

Did you see what I did with that title? Didja?

Did you watch the ARIA Awards last Thursday night? No? Neither did I. Although I caught the end where Empire of the Sun's Luke Steele was acting high as a kite as he accepted his Song and Album of the Year awards. What I did miss, however, was this extraordinary performance, below. Lisa Mitchell (very amazing), Kate Miller-Heidki (quite amazing) and Sarah Blasko (absolutely positively fan-bloody-tastically amazing) performing a medley of their songs "Coin Laundry" (a serious contender for my single of the year crown, fwiw), "The Last Day on Earth" (I love it when "strange" performers get a ubiquitous radio hit) and "All I Want" (the definition of Sarah Blasko's cool).

It's a wonderful piece and proves that Australian music's true ingenuity is in the women and not in the pub rock that routinely captures the more attention and awards (I'm looking at Powderfinger, Eskimo Joe, Something for Kate, etc). Blasko, especially, deserves to be winning Grammys and not just ARIAs. She took out the award for Best Female Artist, which is quite something considering how outré she can be, but at least it wasn't Ladyhawke who, as amazing as she is, is not Australian and, thus, should have been ineligible. She won Breakthrough Artist Album and Breakthrough Artist Single over the likes of Lisa Mitchell, Jessica Mauboy, Sia (a baffling "breakthrough", no?) and The Temper Trap despite being from New Zealand. And not even like a Russell Crowe thing where he lives and works in Australia! It was basically a big cock up on their end.

I've been on a real Lisa Mitchell kick these past few days, too, which is fitting. Her album, Wonder will be on any best albums of 2009 list I happen to make (and considering I didn't get around to doing for 2008 I can't be positive!) and her "Coin Laundry" is just sublime. Those howls... THOSE HOWLS! Magical. "The Last Day on Earth" isn't my favourite Miller-Heidke track - that'd be "Caught in the Crowd" or "Australian Idol", her piss take on the music industry and reality TV - but it's a wonderful ballad. And Sarah Blasko speaks for herself, really. She's Sarah Blasko! She doesn't need me to defend her.

If they had thrown in Bertie Blackman (sadly not a Best Female Artist nominee, but a winner for Best Independent Release for the brilliant Secrets and Lies) I think this could have contended for most brilliant thing that is brilliant in the history of brilliance. Alas...

Of course, it doesn't help that Channel 9's production of the event, from what I've seen, was so hopelessly inept. Why they had Gyton Grantley and Kate Ritchie, two actors who have nothing to do with "music" or even "chemistry", hosting is beyond me.

BTW, if you needed any further proof that Sarah Blasko is a true stunner, I just discovered the "deluxe edition" of her As Day Follows Night album includes a bonus disc of Blasko's interpretations of her favourite songs from cinema. It's called Cinema Blasko and features "Seems Like Old Times" (from Annie Hall), "Something Good" (The Sound of Music), "Maybe This Time" (Cabaret), "Out Here On My Own" (Fame) and "Xanadu" (Xanadu). I need to get myself a copy of that, even though I am against the idea of "deluxe" albums.

Does that not amaze you? 'Cause it should!


Ben Rylan said...

Excuse me for a moment, could someone please explain why Vanessa Amorosi was completely omitted from any nominees list... again? I realise 'Hazardous' was out too late, but what about 'Somewhere in the Real World'? Is the single 'Perfect' really so forgettable? Surely not.

Is it because Australian music, like film, has to at least pretend to be "alternative" for it to be taken seriously? If so, I suspect the inclusion of Jessica Mauboy must've got up a few people's noses then, and certainly explains her curious lack of winnings.

OK, whining session is complete. First person to answer my question to my satsifaction wins a Freddo Frog.

FranklinBluth said...

I recently bought 'As day follows night' and I love it to bits! Have barely stopped listening to it. The opening track and closing track are both absolutely gorgeous. GORGEOUS!!!

Glenn Dunks said...

Franklin, did you get the special edition? If so how's the bonus disk?

Gerard said...

Can say the Blasko deluxe edition is certainly worth it. Though I bought it from the out upon release, so I can't speak as to how it stands as a double-dip...