Thursday, November 19, 2009


Bare in mind that there are some notable films from 2000 that I have not seen - Yi Yi, Wonder Boys, Goddess of 1967, House if Mirth (I currently have it sitting here on DVD though!) and Beau Travail seem to be the main ones - and some titles I have seen I don't care for (hello Almost Famous!) I am but one man and seeing everything is just impossible, and even if I wanted to see them they're all listed as being a "long wait" on Quickflix and... umm... I can't be bothered going to the Blockbuster, okay!

Don't look too heard into this though. You'll find out soon enough which of these titles passes into the next round and lands a place on my best of the decade list. Until then (still a while off, I must say) just enjoy the visual splendour. Click and it gets bigger, too!


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Glenn, I have to ask...what are your thoughts on Chocolat?

Glenn Dunks said...

I had a few left over, Chocolat was one of them. Don't agree with its Best Picture nomination, but I like it. As a frothy romance it hits the spot and the chocolates look good too!

simon said...

I'd be interested to know how many of these films you saw in 2000. Partly out of interest and partly because I think I saw a lot of them at the cinema which makes me feel old. Sigh.

Brook Brooks said...

Miss Congeniality. Fuck yeah.

Whenever I need an easy watch, I always come back to this. It's just so pleasant to watch.