Friday, October 16, 2009

When Bad Posters Strike: It's Complicated

What on Earth is this?

You know, several months ago I wrote about the Julie & Julia poster and how it's stripey design and "adult woman's romantic comedy font" had been done to death. At the very end of that piece I wrote this:

And to think, Meryl Streep also has a Nancy Meyers movie out this year (the same director behind two of the three above movies) and if that gets a poster just like this one...? I think I'm gonna explode.

Well... I don't think it's quite the same, so no exploding from me today, but it's still a horrendous design. Just so many questions running through my mind as I look at it.

Is yellow still popular for movie posters? I thought that had faded away, but apparently not.

What is it with that font? What is it about frothy movies made for adult women that screams that particular font? Has it been scientifically proven that women prefer this font?

Why did the designers think people wouldn't want to see Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin or Steve Martin on here? Did they just assume that when women see that font that they will immediately recognise it as a movie they would like to see?

How cheap was this to make?

It apparently premiered at, which begs the big question - why would anybody want to purchase this and put it on their wall? Are there really people who will see this movie and decide they, yes, they want a framed copy of THIS poster to commemorate their feelings?

Why would they include The Holiday at the top as examples of other Nancy Meyers movies? That movie made $63mil, whereas Meyers' What Women Want made $183mil.

What's up with the italics?

And so on and so on.


J.D. said...

Because The Holiday is more recent than What Woman Want, OMG ADD audience.

I really kind of hope this is a teaser or something.

Drew said...

That is the ugliest effing poster I have ever seen.

Glenn Dunks said...

JD, I'd hazard a guess and say more people remember What Women Want than The Holiday. I'd bet money on it.

Drew, it really is baffling, isn't it? I just... yeah.

Luke said...

Drew, I concur.

And are they planning on marketing Streep as the most bankable star of the decade at all?