Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tyler Perry, "The Colour Yellow" and Precious

I am aware that African American director Tyler Perry is a "name" in America and can get away with being incredibly arrogant by including his name in a movie title - even going so far as to make his titles grammatically vulgar, Tyler Perry's Madea's Family Reunion, anyone? - but his names value doesn't extend outside of America where his films rarely get a release. I know a handful of his movies have gone direct-to-DVD in Australia, but that's about it.

However, as smart as getting Perry's name on board for the release of Precious is, I find it a bit bizarre that his name is being used to advertise the movie outside of America. He and Oprah Winfrey jumped on board as executive producers - a term that, I think, means they don't actually do anything to physically make the film, but merely provide cash or other means of support - late in the game, which is quite a coup since those names are two of the biggest selling names in the USA. It is Winfrey, however, that remains the only person associated with Precious that is known outside of American en masse (excluding supporting players Mariah Carey and less-so Lenny Kravitz) so I guess it's only natural to keep her name on the poster, but Tyler Perry? His name on a foreign Precious poster, such the Dutch one below, is more likely to result in responses of "who is that?"

It is comforting to see foreign marketing for this film though, since it's not a film that would have received a major international release if it weren't so critically acclaimed. It's nice knowing that it will be seen theatrically by audiences outside of film festivals. I wonder how well Mo'Nique gets dubbed into Chinese or Spanish. It is not comforting to see the foreign marketing take such a step down from the American work. The posters being used in America are all works of art (see them here) and a blandly photoshopped movie still (yellow is still in, see the original photo) isn't anywhere near as classy.


Chris said...

Doesn't that poster just scream "Crash"? Oh God, I hope this film's better than that.

FranklinBluth said...

I absolutely LOVE the poster with the butterfly wings. Really really beautiful.