Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This Week on Australian Screens

Cinema Releases for the Week 29/10/09

The Box - It's almost unfathomable that Richard Kelly's latest film is getting a release. And a cinema release. Definitely wanting to see this although Cameron Diaz's accent will certainly be something to bare through.

The Marriage of Figaro - This new Australian romantic comedy (I think) has been screening to success in South Australia and is starting its very limited national roll-out.

Michael Jackson's This Is It - I don't think I'll be going along to see it

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus - Terry Gilliam's latest film has quite a cast - you already know about Heath Ledger, Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell and Jude Law - and definitely sounds intriguing, but I have never particularly been a Gilliam fan (I don't even like Brazil).

Into the Shadows - An Aussie documentary about this country's film industry, the lack of audiences for them and the death of independent cinemas. My review will be up at Onya later today.

It Might Get Loud - Another documentary, this one a music documentary with Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White. It was directed by Davis Guggenheim who made one of the worst documentaries in the form of An Inconvenient Truth and I've been reading not many positive things about it.

Prime Mover - David Ceaser's latest film is about a truckie and his new wife, played by Michael Dorman and Emily Barclay respectively. A review is forthcoming, but it will not be positive. It opens in regional NSW today, but isn't in larger cities until early November.

DVD Releases for the Week 29/10/09

Katyn - Andrzej Wajda's Oscar-nominated WWII drama (what else?).

Star Trek - Funny fact, I got a piece of hate email a couple of months back because of my Star Trek review. Basically the person was offended that I let politics get in the way, as I wrote "Not only do the armies of the future have only one member of each minority (and broad minorities too such as "women", "Asians" and "blacks"), but "Don't Ask Don't Tell" is still very much in effect." How dare I?!

Trick 'r Treat - This horror film had been one of those apparently its-so-good-but-the-nasty-studio-won't-let-us-see-it for so long and then it was released on DVD and people realised why it was left on the shelf for so long. Moving on.

I also feel like I should mention the curious/hilarious fact that there has been a Babel / A Mighty Heart combopack released for those who need Brangelina together all the time being all politically active.


Cde. said...

Huh? I've been hearing good things about Trick 'r Treat. Most people seem to think that while it's not really some almost-buried masterpiece, it's one of the better studio horror films of the past decade.
Did you see it and think it was awful or something?

Anonymous said...

yeah, although trick 'r treat is not a great film, definitely it`s worth watch. Fun, scary and more intriguing than many new horror movies by far.