Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This Week on Australian Screens

Cinema Releases for the Week 15/10/09

Astro Boy - This looks completely terrible, doesn't it? Or is it just me and I'm going to discover it becoming a big hit?

The Damned United - I can't bring myself to watch this movie. I'm sure it's good and all, but... gah! Soccer! I literally haven't a single ounce of enthusiasm for this movie, which stars Michael Sheen (admittedly, looking quite foxy) and written by Peter Morgan (The Queen, Frost/Nixon).

Departures - Won the Oscar earlier this year for Best Foreign Language Film and finally gets a release. This Japanese film is apparently quite lovely, but seems like it could be a tough slog to sit through.

The Final Destination - If ever a film franchise was made for 3D then it is the Final Destination series, and now we finally have it! I doubt anything this series does will ever top Final Destination 2, but it's fun watching them try.

In Search of Beethoven - I really enjoyed the previous installment of this series, In Search of Mozart, which basically acts as a 2 hour+ comprehensive history lesson with wonderful music sequences thrown in. Now comes Beethoven. And, hey! It even features Juliet Stevenson is some way!

Whatever Works - I can't bring myself to pay to see this at the cinema, I'm afraid. I know it has gotten some mild-to-positive reviews, but it's also gotten some downright disastrous reviews and when the negative reviews are much more prominent than the positive ones, I take note.

DVD Releases for the Week 15/10/09

My Year Without Sex - Aussie comedy from Sarah Watts (the stunning Look Both Ways) stars Sasha Horler and Matt Day. I really liked this film, which takes a much more light-hearted look at modern day suburban life. There's no drug addicts to be seen!

Sunshine Cleaning - Amy Adams and Emily Blunt star as sisters who clean murder scenes. That's the global financial crisis for ya!

What Just Happened - A question that only Robert DeNiro and his agent can answer.

Wolverine - I can see pictures of Hugh Jackman looking ripped on the internet without wasting a couple of hours of my life. I'll probably end up seeing it anyway, but I'm in no great rush.

See how easy that was?

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Chris said...

Don't bother seeing "The Damned United". It's the "Son of Rambow" of adult cinema. With Michael Sheen doing Frost with a Geordie accent.