Monday, October 5, 2009

This DVD Art in Ruins

Since I have, for whatever reason, taken it upon myself to highlight the glaring faults of all that is Nia Vardalos lately, I thought I would share this (what I think is) Italian DVD art for My Life in Ruins that I found at Photoshop Disasters. Since it came from that blog I'm sure you can just tell how bad it's going to be and it does not disappoint.

Oh dear.

There are so many things wrong here, and yet the thing that my eyes are zeroing in on is the weird, freaky disproportionate body hands that someone has attached to Vardalos. Specifically her hand and feet.

But, really, what about that love heart cloud? The way she's not actually sitting on anything, but merely floating on the edge of the wall. The way that nobody is looking in the same direction. The hilariously long web address at the top. The broken heal on her shoe. They couldn't even get the direction of the shadows correct!

Ay ay ay!!!


Chris said...

This is actually the movie poster – which one can deduce from the line "Da Ottobre al Cinema".

And doesn't the thought that this might be hanging somewhere in a cinema in Italy make it even funnier?

Guy said...

Did they try to Photoshop in part of Drew Barrymore's face, too? Seriously, that is NOT Nia Vardalos.

Glenn Dunks said...

Chris, I don't speak Italian and, to be honest, I didn't even notice that line. I might have sussed it out if I had, but I can't guarantee it. I just figured it was a DVD cover since this is the sort of slapshot cover treatment that a lot of movies get.

Guy, I see the Drew Barrymore resemblance now that you mention it. Frightening.

Guy said...

Speaking of Italian translations, I love how they've literally titled this "My Big Fat Greek Vacation."