Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I've been somewhat enamoured over the last couple of days with "Somewhere", the song from West Side Story. Don't ask me why, I just have. Listening to various versions and loving them all. So here are, for no reasons whatsoever, a collection of "Somewhere" performances.

Firstly there is the version from the 1960 film as performed by Richard Beymer and Natalie Wood. Still good, just like the film.

Secondly I have included what is, perhaps, my favourite performance of the song. It's by Barbra Streisand from The Broadway Album in 1985. That may sound incredibly homosexual of me, but I dare you to listen to this performance and not think it is extraordinary. Surely one of the finest vocal performances ever and I personally think the Vangeles-inspired music is ethereal and beautiful. The video clip is so very 1980s, too, it's amazing! The opening passage is set in outta space before turning into a Streisand concert with a lot of minority children in the audience before ending back in space as a star goes supernova... or something. As I said, very 1980s.

Next is the Pet Shop Boys' version. The Pet Shop Boys are amazing, on that we can agree and I didn't even know this existed until about a couple of years ago when I got my hand on the Further Listening albums and discovered it. It's basically "Somewhere" at 180bps.

Lastly I've included Tom Waits' version, which is... different, to say the least. Not necessarily the musical aspect, which is still very orchestral and Broadway, but the vocal performance, which is even deeper and grumpier than Tom Waits usually is (I think Tom Waits is amazing, btw). He sort of sounds like a drunk Joe Cocker. An even drunker Joe Cocker, more like it.


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

As a straight guy the Streisand=gay thing can get annoying [same as Garland+Liza=Gay].

The duet version is the nicest but yeah Barbra is awesome although the one minute of score at the beginning is a bit confusing. Her duet with Mathis of One Hand One Heart is wicked good.

Guy said...

"as performed by Richard Beymer and Natalie Wood"

To be fair, it's really as performed by Jim Bryant and Marni Nixon ;)

Glenn Dunks said...

Guy, you're right. "Acted" by Beymer and Wood, "Sung" by Bryan and Nixon.

Glenn Dunks said...

Andrew, those acts are more equated to gay for younger people. My dad like Bette Midler, but that's because he's old and people from his generation liked great entertainers. These days entertainers are few and far between. I mean, hello, the last VH1 Divas concert featured Kelly Clarkson (!), Miley Cyrus (!!) and Jordin Sparks (!!!)!

So, of course, people like Babs, Liza, Bette and so on are "gay" because they sing showtunes (from a time when showtunes were world-famous and would top the charts) and so on.