Sunday, October 11, 2009

"No more happy endings!" - Lars Von Trier, 2009

Oh dear.

...Lars Von Trier is to make his next foray into genre cinema with a disaster movie.

The $4.6m (€5m) English-language project Planet Melancholia is due to shoot in Europe next summer. Meta Foldager will produce alongside Louise Vesth

“No more happy endings!” Von Trier declared of the new film, which he is writing and directing.

This is very good news, people. And you can take this quote from his producer as good news or bad news, depending on your view of the matter: "There will be spectacular images mixed up with handheld camera…but this time with no genitals being chopped off."

Again, this is very good news. I like that Lars Von Trier is one of those rare auteurs who doesn't seem to take lengthy breaks between pictures. And to go from an office comedy (The Boss of It All) to a horror movie (Antichrist) and now a disaster film? Oh how happy I am to be alive for such wanton disregard of arthouse norms. I wonder how many previously ignored genres he can get submitted into competition at Cannes? Viva la Von Trier! And since I just know I'll be discussing it at length in the future, I am already giving it a tag.


RC said...

who needs happy endings anyways ;-)

Cde. said...

Sounds brilliant.
Should be the perfect antidote to 2012.