Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"It's scented! Don't you think it gives it that something extra?"

In my travails around these here internets I have come across some pretty cool things, but this was something altogether new. Carnival Studios are a Sydney-based Australian film marketing company. I don't really know about them, but I think they're the people who get posters into bus shelters and such. I came to that conclusion because of this image I found on their Facebook page.

What's so interesting about that I hear you say? Well, I always like seeing movie advertising outdoors like this. I find it interesting to see what gets put where. However, it wasn't until I read the caption that I realised "I have to blog this!"


Oh yes, indeed.

Those three dishes that look like nothing more than imagery sensors actually have a button that, when pushed, omits a scene that correlates with the dish. There is (from left to right) cinnamon pastries, strawberry crepes and creme caramel. Isn't that wild? I like at least two of those dishes (the first two, I'm not big on caramel) so I'd definitely be taking a whiff although I would be wary. It is a public transport stop after all and it has been my experience breathing through the nose can be a dangerous prospect at them. :/

And, yes, that is a Legally Blonde quote in the title. Don't judge me.


J.D. said...

Yay Legally Blonde quote!

simbo said...

I can't judge you - I own the CD of Legally Blonde The Musical (opening number is entitled "Omigod You Guys")