Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I have been loving the nightly repeats of Seinfeld on Channel 9's new spinoff netword, Go! It's the best value on TV (and since it's free I guess that's really good value, right? Much better value than Foxtel - why should I pay $50 a month to see repeats of shows I didn't like in the first place?) and this evening was the Miss America pageant episode. The episode is also home to one of the funniest scenes ever committed to film, which you can see below.


Anonymous said...

A real Seinfeld fan would already have every episode on DVD.

Glenn Dunks said...

Are you offering to buy them all for me? Why thank you so very much! I couldn't possibly afford them otherwise!

I actually own the season one/two box, but they were so expensive when I had money and now that they're cheaper I don't have the money to spend.

But thanks for being snarky!