Tuesday, October 27, 2009

David Lynch Likes Slumdog Millionaire?


I discovered this video at dugpa.com of David Lynch discussion a bevy of things with Amoeba. He mentions that the only recent movie he's particularly liked was Slumdog Millionaire and that's a very disappointing thing, indeed. This was my face when I heard him say it:

Very disappointing, David!

A lot of the interview is filled with David Lynch's usual blather about "ideas" and "fish" and "transcendental meditation", however there is a nice bit of info towards the start regarding the infamous deleted scenes of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. They're hoping for some developments on that next year, but - let's be honest - the likelihood of that happening is, well, not very likely at all.

There has also been news that a new Twin Peaks picture book was to be released. Here's what has been said:

'Northwest Passages' contains a treasure trove of rare and unpublished photos from Paula's personal archive. It's all here, from deleted scenes, intimate portraits, photos that ended up as key props within the show to official publicity shots and cast and crew having fun on the set. This lavish hardback edition will be strictly limited and numbered. We highly suggest registering your interest now to secure your copy and avoid disappointment.

Very exciting, indeed!


Cde. said...

A lot of great artists have...not the best taste in works in their chosen field.

Anonymous said...

The Twin Peaks book will be released in early 2010 in very limited quantities.