Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Americans Should Pay Attention To This!

Earlier in the year I tried to get y'all to see Not Quite Hollywood. Granted, it was released on, I think, one screen, but I know there are readers out there who live in New York City who would (should) eat this movie up like catnip.

Thankfully the documentary has received an American US release today (10 October). You can add it to your Netflix queue (you will, won't you?) and be assured that you'll have a bonza time watching all sorts of hilarious, bizarre, weird, frightening, insane and revolting stuff that the Australian film industry served up to audiences around the work through the 1970s and 1980s.

You want giant buck-toothed wild boars? That'd be Razorback!

You want Mr Whippy vans masked as killers and pretending to be a sequel to Halloween? That'd be Snapshot!

You want Dennis Hopper playing a bush ranger while stoned and drunk? That'd be Mad Dog Morgan!

You want a magician having an affair with a politician's wife while saving children from cancer? That'd be Harlequin!

You want a sci-fi college slasher flick written by future Oscar-nominee Bill Condon? That'd be Dead Kids!

You want Olivia Hussey attacking a mustached prison guard assassin with a machete? That'd be Turkey Shoot!

And they're here along with about 200 others. Look, this movie is flat out amazing. It was by far the most entertaining cinema-going experience I had last year so it's a shame people didn't get the chance to experience it like that, but on DVD with a big bowl of popcorn (make sure you don't knock it out of your lap from laughing too much) and a sense of wide-eyed enthusiasm I am sure it'll work just as fine. I'm sure you won't regret it.


JA said...

Dude, as I put this onto my queue this morning I felt this pang of guilt from having ignored your advice when it was playing here. I was all, I'll right my wrong to Glenn at last! And then I see this post and understand that my guilt was on point. ;-)

Augustburns2 said...

I saw it when it played here in San Francisco! I loved it! So much fun! Plus, the hilarious commentary by the film makers, actors, and fans was simply brilliant. Would love to see again. Sure it will play on IFC or Sundance in the future. Who knows? Maybe on HBO with their documentary Mondays