Wednesday, October 28, 2009

45 Seconds to Break Your Heart

Anybody who read my Sugababes eulogy will know how I feel about the gals, and now the day has come where - thanks to these here interwebs - some of the studio versions of tracks that were recorded by the group when they still had Keisha Buchanan have emerged. The Sugababes are over, but the name continues with Heidi Range, Ammelle Berabah and Jade Ewen and there isn't work yet on which of these Keisha recordings are going to be rerecorded and which ones will be scrapped. The best of the Keisha versions is "Thank You For the Heart Break", a stormer of a disco song that's been injected with steroids. Reminds a lot of Rihanna's "Don't Stop the Music" with its music-is-cathartic message and bevy of swirling beats.

However, there are 45 seconds in the song that prove just why these girls were as good as I and many others say. Listen to the track below and listen carefully from 2:12-2:57 and they are some of the greatest 45 seconds of the entire decade, true. No hyperbole. That middle eight is just amazing - they were always good at that - and the broken down chorus that follows with its dark, almost menacing, beats and Keisha's adlibs - we love Keisha's adlibs - are enough to break this listeners heard, knowing we will never get an album of it ever again. It's so very good and even though they are far far away from the sound they used to have, they were still head and shoulders above most groups of their kind.

I will listen to the new "Sugababes" record, but having already heard Jade's vocals on songs like "About a Girl" I can already tell they've lost something massive. Oh well. Pop carries on.

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