Saturday, September 5, 2009

Giving Italy False Hope of a Classy Cat Fight

Am I crazy for thinking this Italian poster for the Beyoncé-Knowles/Ali-Larter-90-Minute-Build-Up-to-a-Cat-Fight movie is quite nice and even a smidge "classy"? Not sure why the Italians are being given this false hope that the movie is anything other than a camp scrag fight movie surrounded by vaguely racist, but nonetheless HILARIOUS, "drama" and "office politics"?

I mean, it's still kind of boring - although I'm a sucker for vertical text for reasons I don't understand, see Irreversible for another example, although vertical cast and credits = unreadable - and I find it amusing that this Idris Elba dude, whoever he is, managed to get it into his contract that even in countries like Italy he needs to get on the poster. Is The Wire popular throughout Europe? Even if it is, he is besides the point of the entire movie. The only reason to see this movie is to watch Beyoncé and Ali Larter go at it like hammer and tongs. Let's face it, Beyoncé head-butting Ali Larter is pretty darn hilarious.

Why does that second last image up there remind me of a Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation video clip?

There are so many things about that movie that are flat out amazing. Not least of all this moment where Beyoncé and Elba leave their child to sit alone in front of an open fireplace with no protective barrier while the two of them go off and have sex. Bless 'em.

I do, however, think Beyoncé's knit hat is a more convincing villain than Ali Larter. I can totally imagine it. Beyoncé spends an entire 90 minute movie wrestling with the feelings of ugliness that her knit hat creates for your weave. It'd be very epic, no?

"I'll show you crazy!"


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

This post is quite funny and the poster does look classy...I would not even expect a cat fight.

Joel said...

My favourite moment from that film is Beyonce in high heeled boots telling Ali Larter to 'come on bitch'... Priceless...
Followed closely by this bit -