Friday, September 18, 2009

Alex O'Loughlin Wishes You a Happy Weekend

I won't be around because I'm busybusybusy, but next week there will be posts looking back on The Return of Captain Invincible, Alex Proyas' Dark City on the big screen, a review of Van Diemen's Land, plus all sorts of other stuff. But because I'm leaving you for a couple of days here is a picture of Alex O'Loughlin that I swiped from My New Plaid Pants. Have y'all seen Oyster Farmer? I'm unaware as to its distribution internationally, but O'Loughlin is damn fine in it if you ask me (both performance wise and... well, surely you have eyes and can see.) Now let's never speak of Moonlight... or that new doctors show he is on... or the movie that this picture comes from, The Back-Up Plan starring Jennifer Lopez.

Never. Again.


Cindy Roland said...

the Oyster Farmer is indeed distributed worldwide and I have played mine to death! Wonderful movie and of course Alex O'Loughlin is magical. Talented, nice, smart and drop dead gorgeous!
Thank you Australia! you sure know how to grow 'em down undah'! :)

Caro said...

That is such a fantastic picture of Alex O'Loughlin! Whew! The Back Up Plan is getting good press and looks to be a great movie for Alex to be introduced to American Movie patrons. I have all of Alex's movies and he is an excellent actor who is also very easy on the eyes. His new show on CBS, Three Rivers starts Oct 4th....looks to be an very good show...and being able to see Alex on a weekly basis is going to be fantastic! Back Up Plan starts Jan 22, 2010........Alex on the Big Screen....looking like THAT pictures? Oh yeah!