Sunday, August 2, 2009

When Bad Posters Strike: My One and Only

Occasionally a poster comes along that is so truly horrendous and poorly made that I literally sit here at my computer and just *STARE*. Hundreds of different thoughts run through my mind. Some of them very rude and damning and others sympathetic and sad.

Look, I know a lot of readers out there will probably look at a lot of the posters I say are ghastly and just shrug and say "it's not that bad!" There are indeed times, however, when I am sure you readers look at them and can truly agree that it is a bad poster. Not just "bad", but downright pathetic and terrible and a bastard creation for all involved. Such a time is now. And it is now that I present to you the poster for My One and Only.

Now, before you comment "that's clearly not real!" I beg of you to put your trust in me when I say that it is. It is as real as the desire to kick the design team who created this in the face. Sometimes shoddy Photoshop work can be excused for little things, but then you see something as abominable as this that I just have to wonder what the person doing it really, truly thought of themselves. Did they think they had done a good job? I can't fathom how they did. One look at it will demonstrate why they shouldn't be proud of this effort.

The best part of this poster is the frame Renee Zellweger is holding. And yet even that doesn't make sense. Why are those three framed and not the others? And why has Zellweger stolen Angelina Jolie's wig from Life or Something Like It? And why does everybody cast but only a shadow between their legs and nowhere else? Why does everyone's body look like a clipart image? How did the heel from Zellweger's shoe end up... at the toe end? why why why?


Encore Entertainment said...

Yes indeedy that poster is not good. Not like she had anything to do with it, but does Renee Zellweger have anything good left in her. Judging by the poster [which is admittedly not much], this looks horrible.

Outland Institute said...

It looks like the cover of those very cheap videos they used to only sell in supermarkets or $2 stores - they'd usually be brands called things like "Cinema Club" and were obviously films that never had a cinema release.