Thursday, August 13, 2009

Triangulate the Variables

I remember a few years ago there were a spate of these sort of "pick what poster we should use" voting things. A lot of the time they involved fans making posters and then people voting (I distinctly remember it for Resident Evil), but this one is different. The new Australian/UK horror flick Triangle is currently seeking your opinion. They have four different posters and they just want you to vote for on. The winner will be used as the official poster for the film's release (mid-October for the UK, elsewhere I'm unaware).

I think the first one is quite boring, and the second isn't that good mainly because of the ugly colour (it is the colour of sea sickness, is it not?) and the too obvious visual conceit. I like the idea of the third one, but I'm not sure if it's enough, ya know? I voted for the fourth poster because I liked it's visual idea with the angles and lines and thought that, of the four, it would be the one most likely to grab the eye of person walking by.

What about you? Head on over and vote and let us know what you chose!

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