Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Trailers are Back

Here are some trailers that I have neglected to mention, all for new Aussie films coming out some time in the next six months of the year.

The Boys are Back - Clive Owen stars in Scott Hicks' new film about an absent father who must take care of his children after his ex-wife dies. Basically it's an excuse to make audiences cry. Don't you find it interesting though when these sort of things happen and people can just take months off work? It's also annoying when the title of a movie is so obviously a song reference and yet they don't make use of said song? Gah!

Mao's Last Dancer - An adaptation of the popular book, directed by Bruce Beresford (remember him?) This actually stars Amanda Schull! As somebody who watched Centre Stage way too many times as a teenager, I can't tell you how amazing/strange/funny it is to see her in a movie again. It may surprise you to learn this is an Aussie film, but anyone with a keen eye could tell you it is. Nestled right in the middle of this trailer is but a brief glimpse of none other than Penne Hackforth-Jones! PENNE HACKFORTH-JONES, PEOPLE! I'm absolutely in love with the music score from the second half of this trailer though and even if the film proves a disappointment (memories of The Children of Huang Shi linger) there should at least be some great dance sequences.

Three Blind Mice - Still the best Aussie film of the year (and last year, when I actually saw it!) and it is finally being released here next week (but not Sydney). Do yourself a favour!

Charlie & Boots - Paul Hogan and Shane Jacobson star are a father and son travelling 3000 miles... wait, what? 3000 miles? Hmmm. Whose bright idea was it to use an American term like "miles" in an Australian movie? It's not like this is exactly going to be getting an American release any time soon so it really serves no purpose. Silly idiots. The second half of this trailer - the sentimental half - is dirge too. Really can't say I'm looking forward to this one.


FranklinBluth said...

Amanda Schull has not aged one day since 'Centre stage'.

Glenn Dunks said...

I know, right?! Crazy.