Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This Week in Penne Hackforth-Jones News!

Alongside Heather Mitchell (aka ASHKA!!!), Penne Hackforth-Jones is one of those great Australian character actors who routinely appear in small roles and have done so for so long and yet everytime I see them I get a bit excited. She's appeared in films such as Bitter & Twisted, Muriel's Wedding, Paradise Road and Alvin Purple as well as TV series such as Number 96, GP (oh man, I used to love GP!), A Country Practice and so many more I can't list them all. Just last week I got a bit squealy upon seeing her amongst the ensemble of Mao's Last Dancer and just now I'm reading this wonderful news (wonderful for multiple reasons) about a new movie in which she will appear.

Charlotte Gainsbourg is to star in the Australian/French co-production The Tree, the new film from writer/director Julie Bertuccelli whose debut feature Since Otar Left won the Critics Week Grand Prize at Cannes in 2004 and the C├ęsar (French Oscar) for Best First Film.

The Tree will also star Marton Csokas (Romulus My Father, Lord of the Rings) and Aden Young (Mao’s Last Dancer, Lucky Country) and will introduce Morgana Davies as Simone. Other key roles feature Penne Hackforth-Jones, Gillian Jones, Arthur Dignam and Tom Russell.

As it says up there, The Tree (cue name change, please) will be a co-production between France and Australia, which explains the strange mix of French director/star and Australian co-stars. It's also adapted from an Australian novel called Our Father Who Art In The Tree. It all sounds like a bit of a bizarre mish-mash, but one that has so many interesting people involved. I was a fan of Bertucelli's Since Otar Left and Gainsbourg is a worthwhile edition if ever there was one. Plus, you know, Penne Hackforth-Jones!!

ETA: OMG were you aware that Penne Hackforth-Jones has her own blog? That is quite fantastic, really. It is called "Penne Ponders..." and she actually writes about movies instead of, ya know, politics and social agendas like so many other famous peoples' blogs.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Glenn,

I love The Tree picture! We (Tree people )had a picnic in the park yesterday when someone mentioned your blog. High profile! Congrats.

Pen Hackforth-Jones