Saturday, August 15, 2009

President Roslin is Better than You

Anybody that follows me on Twitter will be keenly aware that I have recently been watching Battlestar Galactica. For a while there it was like I'd type several tweets for each episode that I have been watching back-to-back. Most of them revolving around my love for Mary McDonnell as President Roslin. Man oh man how great is McDonnell? (Also, how bad was Man O Man "back in the day"? Aw). I have read for years how people thought she had been robbed of Emmy love and only now do I finally realise why.

Watching Battlestar Galactica these days is, however, a tricky prospect. I have only just completely season two with it's crazy jump at the end, which I did not see coming at all. So many people have written about Battlestar over the past few years that I am constantly worried I am going to come across something I don't want to. I want to go into this series as blind as possible, which is so very very hard. It's all very Blair Witch Project; "I'm scared to Google, I'm scared to IMDb." I was even worried about finding the picture up there of McDonnell since other images may have appeared alongside it showing stuff that I didn't want spoiled.

I am hopefully going to acquire season three very soon (John Richards, are you hearing me?!), which will help calm me. Watching the show a few years after it originally aired though is tough. I wanna talk to people about it, but - as I have already mentioned - I am wary of spoilers. I do wonder though, is the Dr. Gaius/Number 6 storyline the least interesting to everybody else? Does anybody else not like Chief as much as I do? Is President Roslin the greatest fictional President ever?

I'm glad I'm watching it the way I am though. The (multiple) networks that screened the show here did it such a horrible way that I never would have been able to keep up. And, in all honestly, I don't know how anybody watched this show from week to week and managed to keep their sanity. I need to move on to the next episode straight away! I'd just crumble from the anticipation of it all.


Tom Clift said...

Agreed - I never really cared about Baltar after the miniseries.

crossoverman said...

Really hard to comment, but while I found Baltar incredibly aggravating, I still found him a fascinating character. Six, too. Their relationship together was interesting - and it's definitely important - but not terribly thrilling after a while.

I used to love the Chief. I still loved the Chief in season two. But later he becomes harder to like.

Roslin is the greatest fictional President ever. No question.

Glenn Dunks said...

Six is by far more interesting when it's the actual Six and not the one in Balter's mind.

seanisbored said...

Real Six is way better, no doubt. Together though... Their relationship (mostly his character) annoys the hell out of me. I didn't care one iota. I hated him of course, but I just didn't care.

President Rosalind is the 2nd best fictional president after Bartlett. I <3 Mary McDonnell though.

adam k. said...

I'll just come out and say it: I've always loved Baltar.

My mother and lesbian best friend both loathe him. But I always find him believable and interesting even in his worst moments. And there are many.

Ronald D. Moore and David Eick claim he's "the most human character in the show."

Glenn, I haven't been keeping up with you lately, but it makes me SO HAPPY that you've finally come around to watching this. I will discuss it with you anytime. DO YOU SEE NOW WHY I WAS AS OBSESSED AS I WAS? (and still am, really)