Monday, August 17, 2009

Lynch. Herzog. Shannon. Dafoe. Sevigny. Ostriches.

The title was the tweet that Rob Ruminski used that alerted me to the presence of a movie called My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done?, a movie that is truly baffling me in so many ways. Watch the trailer below and then join me for question time.

There. Did you watch it?


Did it not just stink of "direc-to-DVD"? Everything from the dodgy voice over to the uninteresting way they have filmed Los Angeles, to the rote police/rookie plot line and all that. The only difference between this and so many other direct-to-DVD titles is that it is directed by Werner Herzog and stars three Academy Award nominees. Oh and it is "presented" by David Lynch. I truly cannot fathom this project. It appears to be straddling the line between wanting to be a major mainstream release and being so batshit crazy that it will be released in three cinemas during a lonely week in June.

Herzog sure does work fast, doesn't he?. His 2009 release Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans hasn't even been released yet and already we have a trailer for his next release from 2010 and this is just just a year after the release of his documentary Encounters at the End of the World, which scored Herzog is first Academy Award nomination. He seems to have a fascination with police at the moment, doesn't me? Nicolas Cage stars in the aforementioned Lieutenant (a sort of spin-off from Abel Ferrara's film) and now this My Son... thing.

Alongside Michael Shannon, Willem Dafoe and Chloe Sevigny are are cult names like Udo Kier and, one of David Lynch's favourite crazy ladies, Grace Zabriskie. Maybe that's why he's presenting this movie, And then there's Michael Peña, Irma P Hall and "Vaughn" from General Hospital, James C Burns. How incredibly bizarre.


Ed Howard said...

I think, like Bad Lieutenant, it looks absolutely bonkers -- like Herzog has this desire to make a sort-of mainstream movie but he's just constitutionally incapable of doing it. I'm really curious to see both these films. They look like some alternate reality's idea of a mainstream genre film.

Paul Martin said...

With Lynch, Herzog, Shannon, Dafoe and Sevigny, looks good to me.

mB said...

Okay, despite the awfully used voiceover narration in the trailer (seriously - people can read for themselves!) I think the movie looks (and enjoys looking) bat-shit crazy and Lynchian (albeit with more plot than - say - Inland Empire). Also, more Michael Shannon is never a bad thing.