Sunday, August 23, 2009

In Bed with The Stars

I watched In Bed with Madonna last night for the first time. It is otherwise known as Madonna: Truth or Dare for you American readers out there. This movie has always been quite tricky to find down here and I finally couldn't stand it anymore so I did what I never do and downloaded it. It's their own fault for having a dodgy release.

The film itself is, clearly, one of the greatest documentaries ever made and I say that as not only a fan of Madonna, but also a fan of movies. I love how it plays games with the audience - it's so brutally honest and yet... - and the technique behind it all is superb. Everything from the editing and the sound. The musical sequences too, taken from her "Blond Ambition" tour, are so very good and they look amazing too. That "Express Yourself" scene is just phenomenal. That amazing thrust strut move she does gets me every time. Of course those scenes just go even further to increasing the anger that rises inside of me whenever I realise she hasn't toured here in 16 years.

One of the biggest pleasures out of the film, however, is the celebrity spotting. The famous ones are Warren Beatty and Kevin Costner. The former because he was Madonna's boyfriend at the time and the latter because the two ended up in a feud after the film's release due to the use of the concert descriptor "neat". Oh what a fool Kevin Costner was. The funnest celebrity inclusion though is most definitely Pedro Almodovar! That was not somebody I was expecting to see. Al Pacino? Sure! Pedro Almodovar? Not at all. I love that in 1990 she even knew who he was. "I love Pedro's movies, I've seen every movie Antonio [Bandares] has ever done", she says. Amazing.

Has anybody spotted where Matt Dillon is here? I can't see him, and yet he's credited as being there. Hmmm. How amazing is that "WHAT IS THE ULTIMATE DARE?" poster near the top though? A definite favourite of mine, I must say.

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Anderson said...

As a Madonna fan, I'm also in love with this movie. It proves that when playing herself (let's admit it, it's a very tough role), Madonna is a great actress. Btw, Matt Dillon appears in during the fast editing during the 'Vogue' part, when Madonna is partying at a club. They exchange a cute little kiss. Oh, and I'm a Brazilian fan of your blog and I'd love to see you talking about a Brazilian movie. ;-)