Thursday, August 20, 2009

Don't Mind Me...

...but I'm off to the Avatar preview screening at IMAX here in Melbourne. I'm sure I am about to have my shoes knocked off by all the pretty colours and visual effects. I am also sure that Sigourney Weaver is being amazing. After that I'm then off to see Inglourious Basterds and tomorrow I am on the radio again so blogging may be a bit quiet.

And yes, the radio thing is new. You know I have been guesting on Friday afternoons during John Richards' "The Outland Institute" program talking about film (which you still have time to catch today!), well for two weeks (TWO WHOLE WEEKS!) John and I are co-hosting "The Casting Couch" a two-hour movie program there on Joy 94.9 while the usual hosts are off on a little holiday. The program airs between 5pm and 7pm on Saturday and you listen via live-streaming on the website or by, ya know, listening to the radio between 5 and 7! We're reviewing Inglorious Basterds and Three Blind Mice as well as The September Issue, which I have already talked about on here.

Have a great weekend if you don't hear from me.

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Andrew K. said...

Ah. Damn. You lucky bastard, and by bastard that means I'm jealous. Can't wait to here what Sigourney looks like.