Thursday, August 27, 2009


Hey guys! So, sadly, I have had a death in the family, which explains my absence for the past couple of days and my future absence coming up. Between now and Monday I'm going to be quite busy with radio stuff and then on Monday night I'm off to Sydney for a few days and won't be back until Thursday. I'll try to get some stuff up for you (maybe a review or two), if I can fit it into my schedule, so that you're not completely devoid on entertainment from my end, but I think you can understand if you don't hear much of anything from me for the week.

By the way, don't get all "omg are you alright?" on me. Bit sad, but other than that all is fine on my end.

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Scott Mendelson said...

Don't try too hard Glenn. You're worth waiting for. Life comes first. My condolences for your loss.