Saturday, August 1, 2009

Attention Americans (on the Coasts)

I can't seem to find anywhere that just lists where a certain movie is playing without having to enter a "zip" code (we call them postcodes, thank you very much) so I can't tell you for sure where, but Mark Hartley's documentary Not Quite Hollywood is released in the US this week. I imagine it's only screening on the coasts (New York, Los Angeles), because I can't imagine there being much of an audience for this in Utah, but you never know. "Check your local listings" as they say.

If I had have done a top ten list for 2008, Not Quite Hollywood would have definitely been on there. Perhaps top five! It is a rollicking, action-packed, liberally sexist and exciting good time at the movies. It's like GrindHouse, but in documentary form. And with Aussie accents. And with more nudity. MUCH MORE nudity.

I think, perhaps, Playboy put it best:

How can you not love a flick that combines fascinating insight on a little-known film movement alongside insane car crashes, telekinetic corpses, cross-dressing, lesbian vampires, female and male nudity, cannibalism, cringe-worthy impalements, post-apocalyptic satire, karate chops and Quentin Tarantino discussing cars as a masturbatory inspiration?

So very very true. Please see this movie. It is truly fantastic and you won't regret it. I really do need to rewatch that movie. It's bloody brilliant and saying all this reminds me that I still need to see all of these great "ozploitation" titles. I have them on my Quickflix queue so maybe I should bump them up to the top?

Here is the American trailer by the way. Just watching this reminds me how great it is. It is edited through a shredder, but for once that's actually a good thing!

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RC said...

interesting, i haven't heard of this film before --- maybe you need to do a top 10 for 2008.